Monday, March 23, 2009

If you love it, scrapbook it!

I hate when I see in magazines that pictures that are not perfect can not be used in scrapbooks. Some of my favorite pictures are blurry or have a head cut off! Well life isn't perferct and Frances moves. A lot. If I waited for the perfect picture I would never scrapbook. And I don't have time to set up a professional photo shoot for every photo I take. So my tip to you is- If you love it scrapbook it! Some of my favorite pictures are not perfect.
When Frances was two months old I took this photo of her in her little diaper and she kept moving her arms around so her arm is a little blurry which I love. It shows her personality. When I got it back from the phot place her head was cut off a little, but I love the photo still. So I used it for her two month page (Umm, I don't have a one month page yet though, it's in the works) and I love the way the page turned out.

I used the new Little Yellow Bicycle Baby Safari line of paper. I love all the colors and all the little animals. It is so cute! I used a lot of layering to give it some dimension.

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  1. Sarah,
    What a gorgeous page!! I love it!!