Saturday, August 8, 2009

My First Treasured Hunt LO

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday! It is hot here and only going to be getting hotter tomorrow. We cooled off with a giant Sonic Cherry Lime-aid. It was so good. Have you ever been to Sonic? It is sooooo addicting! Me and my husband were sitting in the car drinking our huge cherry lime aids (half price during happy hour so you have to get the route 44!) and I was talking about how they have over 16,000 flavors and how many flavors were we going to try and how long it would take us to try them all when my husband turned to me and said "Are we filming a sonic commerical right now?" I nearly spit out my lime aid it was so funny (guess you have to see a Sonic commercial to get it!).

After Sonic we took a trip to Babies R Us to get Frances ready for her 1st trip to daycare. Boo who who whoo. I am so so so sad about this. School starts Aug. 17 and I am not ready for it at all. Hopefully it will only be for a year and then I can stay home with Frances.

So when the first Treasured Hunt challenge was posted I knew it was perfect for a LO about going back to work.

The requirements for the first challenge were:
  • Paper LO
  • One photo only
  • At least one circle 3 inches or bigger
  • torn paper
  • journaling that includes the words "I wish someone had told me that..."

I LOVE how my layout turned out and love the journaling even more. When I started writing I just kept going and going with tears running down my eyes. I can finally read it without crying (almost). My husband read it and said "are you trying to make the judges cry?" So if I make to the next round or not, I have this great LO to share with Frances one day. But cross your fingers for me anyway it would be great to move on!

My journaling was so long it wouldn't fit on the layout so I put it behind the photo. It says:

I hoped and hoped the day wouldn’t come that I would have to leave you and go back to work. But as the day creeps closer and closer I wish someone had told me how to prepare for this.

I wish someone had told me just how much I would miss your smile, your laughter, the way you rest your head on my shoulder when you get tired.

I wish someone had told me all that I am about to miss. First steps, first words, our naps together, just holding your hand.

I wish someone had told me that 7 months would pass in the blink of an eye. That one day I would be holding a tiny bundle in my arms and the next a crawling, playing, beautiful little girl.

Maybe if someone told me that I would have cherished our time together a little more and complained about your crankiness a little less.

Because maybe if someone had told me that I would be a little more prepared for this day and maybe, just maybe my heart wouldn’t be breaking quite as much as it is now.

I love you Frances. Always. Forever. You will always be in my heart even when we are apart.
Love Mommy

Thanks for looking!


  1. SOOOO sweet Sarah!!! I love the heartfelt journaling. I know what it feels like to have to go back to work and put the babies in daycare. It's not easy, but they will will adjust...things do get better!! Good luck with the changes and big hugs to you!

  2. Beautiful work, and beautiful journaling!! I so know how you feel!! Many hugs to you!!