Monday, January 17, 2011

New Bo Bunny and some photos

Hi all,

This week Bo Bunny is revealing all their new lines. The first one up is Gabrielle. It is so pretty. I love those butterflies! I can't wait to get my hands on this one!

Here a few sheets of the papers:

and some of the new embellishments:

a butterfly chipboard album- LOVE THIS!
Puzzle Pieces


You can see the full line HERE and enter to win some too.

Before I go I just have to share these new pictures of Isabel. The other day I noticed that I hardly ever take her picture. I think I took a picture of Frances everyday when she was this age! It's a little easier to do that with only the one! On Thursdays Frances goes to school so it is just Isabel and I at home. So last week we started photo shoot Thursdays. I dress her up in cute little outfits and take a bunch of pictures. It is soooo fun! Now I am not a photographer at all, more a point and shoot kind of girl, so these aren't the best. Little Isabel looks adorable though so that's what matters anyway.

I bought the little tutu at Baby Gap and she wore it for Frances's second birthday party back in December. Can you believe I don't have even one picture of Isabel from the party? Not even of the two girls together! So I thought I would break it out again for the photos.

She is such a cute little chunker already!

Thanks for stopping by! Sarah


  1. I've seen this new collection on 2peas and it's on top of my wishlist!! so gorgeous!
    and those photos.....adorable!