Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wear your scrapbooking supplies

Yes, that's right! Wear your scrapbooking supplies! If you are like me you have tons of left over product after a project. What to do, what to do? Should you donate it? Sell it? And what about those scraps? Should you toss them?

You can do just what the Bo Bunny design team did with their Bo Bunny goodies that were just too good to get rid of- scrap something to wear. Boy, oh boy were these girls creative. You can check out their amazing projects on THIS POST.

I created some hair clips for Frances with my left over Bo Bunny double dot ribbon. I would have taken a picture of Frances wearing them... but it would have been very blurry because she never seems to sit still. And speaking of Frances I can't leave this new gem of hers out of this post. She now says "Hi, my name is Frannie and I like to dance". Ha, ha, it is sooooo adorable. When I heard it I taught her to say these three things:

"Hi my name is Mommy and I like to scrap."
"Hi my name is Daddy and I like football."
"Hi my name is Isabesl and I like to drink milk."

Adorable I tell ya!

Ok now onto the clips...........

metal hair clips
assorted Bo Bunny double dot ribbon
Bo Bunny bling
Bo Bunny Icandy Crush brads
Bo Bunny Kitchen Spice and Sophie petals
Beacon 3 in 1 adhesive

I bought a bag of 25 metal clilps from Hobby Lobby for a dollar. I used my left over scraps of double dot ribbon (you know the ones that are too small to tie into a bow anymore) and adhered it with beacon 3 in 1 adhesive. Some of the ribbon I left flat and some I pleated adhering each pleat with the Beacon adhesive. Then I added my bling, petals and brads with the same adhesive. I found two helpful tricks. One, it helps to place the bottom flower upside down and the middle/ and or top right side up. It just lays better that way. Second, remove the prongs from the back of the brads first (either with a wire cutter or by bending them back and forth) and then adhere with lots of the Beacon adhesive. The one with the brad is my favorite, but I loved those brands so I used them all on other projects already!!

All of these took me less than an hour to make and they look even cuter in the girlie's hair. :) :)


Tomorrow there will be a BO BUNNY BLOG HOP! I have a new layout to share of my sweet little Isabel and some goodies to give away on the BO BUNNY BLOG and right here on my blog. It all starts at 7am Mountain time on the BO BUNNY BLOG.


  1. Sarah! I saw these on the Bo Bunny Blog and LOVED them! i have been thinking about making these for a long time too... You did an AMAZING job!