Thursday, June 18, 2009

New LO's (Kind of)...

Well enough time has gone by that I can post my layouts that were published in Ready, Set, Create!

"I hate tummy time" is one of my favorite lo's. Doesn't Frances just look so cute here? She still hates tummy time, but is getting better. She can sit up now so she would much rather sit up and play than be on her stomach. She is just the siliest little girl. She makes me laugh daily. I already told you she thinks she is a dog. I am just waiting for her to bark! Her new thing now is to laugh at all the monkeys on the wall in her bedroom. It is so funny. I will be nursing her and she is almost asleep, eyes closed, quiet and then all of sudden she will open her eyes, turn her head and look at the monkeys. Then she starts laughing. It is so funny.

These other two layouts I posted, but then took down a day later when I found out they would be published. So I am going to post them again.

I can't believe Frances was ever this tiny! Look at those skinny little feed and ankles. Now they are filled with so many rolls!

Everytime I look at this LO it makes me happy inside. So I guess I picked a good title huh?

Journaling: When you laugh, when you smile, even when you cry. Your chubby cheeks and the dimple. The creases in your arms and legs. Your beautiful brown eyes. The way you look at me when you wake up. Everything about you makes me so happy.


  1. These layouts are fabulous! I am in love with the first one "I hate Tummy Time"...she is too cute!