Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Little Artist

Yesterday I shared a picture of my little dinosaur. Today I have a picture of my little artist. Frances is my crafty girl. She loves all things crafty. She is constantly asking to scrapbook or decorate something. She even has Daddy scrapbooking with her when I am not home. I guess she inherited my crafty gene. Lately she has been asking to paint. I am not sure why. Maybe she saw someone doing it on tv or painted at school. So we bought her a little paint set. Here she is painting what she told me is a cat. Gotta love the imagination of a two year old!

And an artisit is born!

I also have a few layouts using Nikki Sivils new "Max and Mollie" collection. I just love those little skunks!

Here's my little Isabel. Only a fe weeks old and smiling already. That's our happy girl!

And here's the two girls together. Isabel was only a few days old here. You can't see me, but I am on the side making sure she doesn't fall over!

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. beautiful layouts! and those photos are soooo cute! a real artist...lol

  2. Sweet post! As usual love your layouts! Love the dinosaur in the last post!

  3. Such cute layouts Sarah!! And I love crafting with my kids, its so fun.

  4. What cute LOs...and I love that little skunk too! How much fun to have a budding artist in the house. Someone to share time with as she gets bigger.