Thursday, July 14, 2011

More than four

Do you have lots and lots and lots of photos to scrap? If you do then the post on the Bo Bunny blog today is for you. There is a new regular feature debuting on the blog today titled "More than 4".

Now I love to scrap lots of photos, but unfortunately my little girlies are not always the most cooperative bunch. So I am lucky if I have one good photo from an outing much less more than four. But when I was given this assignment I knew exactly which photos I would choose to work with. I just couldn't decide which of these sweet photos to scrap so I choose them all! I know, I know they all look pretty similar, but mom's notice all the little subtleties and I can tell you each of these expressions is very different. So you can use my layout design to scrap 5 pretty similar photos or 5 very different photos. That is up to you!

For my layout I cropped all my photos to 3"x4.5" so they fit better on the layout.

Thanks for visiting me today! I hope to see you soon!

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