Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quick Hair Clips

I made these quick (very quick!) little hair clips for my friend's daughter. I made some for Frances too, but she won't let me touch her hair so I don't have a picture of that! I didn't think much about them, but they are getting hits like crazy in my gallery!! Seriously like hundreds of hits a day. Sometimes it's the simplest things that get the most attention.

To make these I used American Crafts felt embellishments and Goody Hair clips. I wrapped a piece of fabric around the clip and then sewed the felt to the ribbon. Please don't judge me by my sewing skills! It does look a little rough in the picture above! But once the clips are in your hair you can't tell at all. And I couldn't just give my friend the clips so I made a little card to attach them to.

Have a great weekend! - Sarah


  1. They are really cute. And I hear you, neither of my girls allow me to do anything to their hair.

  2. oh i love those clips and the cute card to hold em is just so clever! thanks for sharing!