Thursday, November 3, 2011

A free class and coming soon to Miss Art's Paper Crafting School...

Many believe climbing Himalayan peaks or swimming the English Channel to be near impossible feats. Those of us with children know however, that they pale in comparison to capturing that iconic photo of a newborn’s first visit with Santa or getting your pre-teen to wear those home spun matching pajamas on Christmas morning for just one more year. If you braved the mayhem of the mall for that moment with Kris Kringle or agreed to give your 12 year old a cell phone in exchange for the flannel footed sleeper, showcase your Christmas coups in Sarah Eclavea’s 101 Merry Moments class. In three easy-to-follow videos Sarah shares her album making know how and uses our Virginia’s Letter Kit to create pocket pages, custom tabbed pages, paper pieced banners, and holiday embellishments. Miss Art’s Papercrafting School begins preserving Yuletide victories on 11/10/11.


Join us this weekend for a FREE class!

Has Halloween left you covered in sweet wrappers, partially duct tapped to your child's abandoned costume with a bank account balance that's more trick than treat? If your feeling more hallow than happy let Miss Art's headmaster treat you to a fantastic, but time sensitive offer. For this weekend only, (November 4 - 6th) enjoy a tuition free class designed to renew your creativity, and go easy on your wallet. You can even snack on the candy "taxes" you've stolen from the kiddos while taking the class. Beginning on Friday, November 4th, you will have 3 days to check out one of our most popular classes for free, no subscription needed. In “Layered Layouts”, you will accompany our inspired resident architect, Julie Winks, as she explains the essential underpinnings of daringly designed layouts. We hope to see you in the class room and if you enjoy our class that you'll be kind enough to leave an apple or a comment for the teacher.

This free class starts this weekend at:

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