Thursday, June 7, 2012

Check out this Doodlebug Glitter Alpha Steal!

Hi all! I was honored to be asked to guest blog on the scrapbook steals blog today! If you are not familiar with the site it has a new steal everyday with lots of great scrapbookig supplies and ideas. Plus they are always a steal! Lots of supplies for a reasonable price. I love that!  

As guest blogger I was given Doodlebug Glitter Alphas. I loved working with them and created some decor for my girls' bedrooms. I made these three frames and have a ton of letters left over.

You can check out this steal and more about how made these projects on the Scrapbook Steals blog HERE. Thanks for coming by!


  1. lol! Saw this today, and smiled, because I knew it was your work :) Love them, and picked up some alphas too! lol!

  2. I am so late to the party, because today is my baby's birthday! Thank you SO Much for being our guest blogger today. Your projects are truly stunning and you did an awesome job using the letters in such a fun and fresh way!

    It was truly an honor working with you!

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