Sunday, April 26, 2009

Frances is four months old and some new LO's

Frances turned 4 months old yesterday! Wow, time is really going by fast. I can't believe how big she is already! We took her yesterday for her four month check up and she weighs 14.5 pounds- the 96th percentile! She is such a little chunky monkey. The doctor said I feed her too much and if she's not hungry, don't feed her. Ooopps! What can I say, she likes to eat like her mommy. My husband calls her legs elephant trunks.

She also needed her shots and didn't like that one bit. Around 4pm she started crying and I gave her some tylenol. She just layed on my lap the rest of the night making all kinds of sad sounds. My heart was breaking for her. I kept saying "mommy why do my legs hurt?" I figured that was probably what she was thinking.

I also finished two layouts from sketches from 52 weeks, 52 sketches. I am lovin' the sketches. They are so fun! Both are of Frances's 3 month pictures. I can't believe she looks so different already!

Frances's Four Month Picture

Adorable You. Layout (sketch 14 from 52 weeks, 52 sketches)

Journaling says: There's not enough paper and there's not enough ink to write all that my heart wants to write about you. I also tried using some beads on the layout. I used diamond glaze to glue them to the accents and double sided tape to put the strip below the pictures. Thanks to Jodi at 52 weeks, 52 sketches for her great bead tutorial!

Happy Layout (sketch #16 from 52 weeks, 52 sketches)

Journaling says: When you laugh, when you smile, even when you cry. Your chubby cheeks and the dimple. The creases in your arms and legs. Your beautiful brown eyes. The way you look at me when you wake up. Everything about you makes me so happy.

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