Saturday, May 2, 2009

Frances's Baptism (just a little late)...

It is a Saturday night, Frances is sleeping, the dogs are sleeping and my DH is sleeping. What I am trying to do? Finish my LO for this week's challenge at 52 sketches, 52 weeks. For some reason I have some serious scrapper's block. I have started two layouts and not finished either one. So I decided to write about Frances's baptism instead.

So two Sunday's ago was Frances's baptism. She lookes so cute in her little gown. Like a princess from a fairy tale. Anyway, everyone came over to my house at around 11am and the baptism started at 12:30. Well Frances usually takes her nap at 11:30 and with everyone at the house I knew she wouldn't take it. I knew that would mean trouble later, but what could I do. So we all get ready and take off to the church. The baptism starts and Frances is being very good in my lap. About 20 minutes into the service she starts sucking her hand and burying her face in my shoulder. OH NO, I think. This means she is tired and when she is tired she cried. Right on cue, she starts crying, LOUD. Everyone in the church is looking at us and she just won't stop crying. I rocked her and swayed her and tried everything and finally she fell asleep in my arms about ten minutes later. Not that big of a deal right? This is a baptism, there are babies here, babies are expected to cry. Let's just get on with the baptism. Right?

No. Of course not. Not with my crazy family. So just when I think the worst is over and Frances is sleeping quietly in my arms. I hear a cell phone ringing. In my mind I am thinking "what idiot has a cell phone on in church?". And it keeps ringing. And it keeps ringing. I am thinking glad that is not my phone. Then I hear my dad say "Hello, I can't talk right now. I'm in church at a baptism. I'll call you back later." Then I hear a lady a few pews back say "I can't believe this". Then my sister leans forward and says "I don't think you can come back to this church anymore."

So of course my family has to have the cell phone go off in church and actually answer it! But the rest of the day was great and look how cute Frances is!

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