Monday, May 4, 2009

New Layouts and Tummy Time ...

I created two layouts last week, but I can only post one because the other just got picked up for publication in the June/July issue of Ready, Set, Create! It is my new favorite layout too. It is titled "I Hate Tummy Time". So I think you can guess what that is about. Poor little Frances hates being on her tummy. She just cries and cries the whole time. The doctor said by now she should be able to lift up on her arms :( So I started giving her sneaky tummy time by laying on the floor and putting her on top of my chest. She likes to look at me and laugh and pull my hair. Oh and she likes throwing up in my face. Well maybe she doesn't like it, but I am pretty sure I saw a grin on her face. And not just a little dribble of spit up, a full on white curdled mess of milk. So I have gotten smart (it only took me like 5 times!) and now keep a towel close by. It doesn't stop the throw up from getting on my face, but now I can quickly wipe it away instead of looking around all over for a towel. The things us mothers do for love! I never thought I would be writing a story about a baby throwing up in my face, but here I am.

My second layout was complete from sketch 17 at 52 weeks, 52 sketches. I have wanted to scrap this photo forever. It is on the day Frances was born, thus the no makeup messed up hair look. I used the GCD spring all over and Chic Bebe papers. I liked the papers and knew I wanted to use them, but wasn't sure how so I just started cutting them up and layering them. I also used some journal tags from GCD in the layers. The scallops around the word paper is from a scalloped piece of paper from the Chic Bebe pack. When I pulled the page out the negative edge was left and I didn't want to waste it so I used it to border the paper. The flourishes were stamped on pink paper (also GCD) and then I cut them out to fit. As always I had to add a little bit of pink so everyone knows Frances is a girl. I can't make that mistake again! I always use buttons for the middle of my flowers so I decided to do something different and used diamond glaze to glue some beads in the middle. I have to say this layout took me a lot longer than my usual LO's. I moved around the paper forever and went through my entire stash of prima flowers trying to find some I liked. My favorite part is the paper with the little animals. I love those animals! That was the entire reason I bought the paper pack.TFL!

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  1. Sweet LO!! And I love your tummy time story!! Yes, the things we do for our kids! Unreal! And don't stress over the tummy time...most kids hate it but they all learn to crawl and walk eventually :)