Friday, December 31, 2010

{my top ten of 2010}

Happy New Year's to all!! I hope everyone is having a great, great day and has an even better start to their NEW YEAR! I will be staying home and scrapbooking tonight. Such is life with a 7 week old! I like staying home on new years eve though so I don't mind a bit. And this year I may even stay up until midnight because naughty little Isabel hasn't been going to sleep until very, very late the last couple of nights!

Last year I posted my ten favorite layouts of the year and it was so much fun to go back and look through my layouts to pick the ten. Not to mention incredibly hard too! So here it is again this year- my ten favorite in no particular order.

Have a GREAT new year!!!


  1. Sarah!!!
    All beautiful layouts!! Love your work!! Wishing you a happy 2011!!

  2. what a wonderful idea!!! i can totally see why these are your faves!!!

  3. Amazing work!!!! Love them all!

  4. These LOs are all so fun! Love the bright smilry feel of them all!