Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New projects and a sick girl

Well Poor little Frances is sick. All she wants to do is lay down and hug her curious george. It is pretty cute though. I came home from school today and took her temperature and it was 104. I was pretty worried so I put her in the car and rushed out the garage. Well in my rush I forgot my mother in laws car was parked in the driveway and backed into it. And it was hard. There is a huge big blue dent in the side. I felt like such an idiot. Who backs into a car that is in the drive way? Oh well I am just hoping she feels better for her curious George birthday party Saturday :).

One good thing happened today though. I was asked to stay another month on the A Walk Down Memory Lane DT! Yay! I thought these would be my last projects, but I will have one more month and a few more projects besides my December projects below.



  1. love that puppy coat, sweet LO's :D

    as for backing into the car, your baby was sick how could you think of anything else?? i'd have done it too!

  2. I shamefully have my hand up. I too, have backed into my sisters can in my driveway with my at the time, one week old mustang. I was pretty lucky though, neither car was damaged. Great learning lessons. Now I always remind everyone to watch this or that car when they are backing. It ticks my DH off but I always do it, esp if my car is the one behind.