Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top Ten of 2009

I have to say of all the years, 2009 has been my favorite so far. My sweet Frances was born on Christmas day 2008 and life hasn't been the same since.

In 2009 I stayed up all night with a crying baby, changed diapers, learned what it's like to be a stay at home mom, then learned what's it like to be a full time working mom with a baby in daycare.

I changed diapers and warmed up bottles and realized just how much you can love a little person that you just met. I can't imagine 2010 being better, but I am sure it will.

My friends at Crop Addict had the idea of posting a top ten list of our favorite layouts. I thought it was good idea to end 2009 so here is mine in no particular order.

Before the projects....

I will be giving away a RAK here on January 1st along with an announcement. I hope you stop by! Oh by the way mine won't be the only RAK you can win. Did that leave you in suspense? I hope so. Hehehe!

Happy new year to you and your family, hope to see you back on the 1st day of 2010.

I think this may just be my number one favorite LO. I just look at it and smile!

My little girl Frances's feet when she was only a few minutes old. Boy a year sure goes by fast!

I just like this one. I think it's cute!

Not my best LO, but my first LO of Frances. It will always have a special place.

Look at those baby rolls! Need I say more?

My two favorite people so how can it not be in the top ten?

I love these photos and love how this lo turned out.

Two words- It's fun!
This is my second favorite LO of all time (the first being the first of this post). I just laugh every time I see it.

And last- one of my more recent LO's.


  1. those are all super adorable LO's - love them all :D

  2. Just gorgeous! Your LO's are all so beautiful!

  3. Beautiful work Sarah!!! I love seeing your favorites all in one place. Very cool!

  4. WOWERZ! Everything is so beautiful and those photos are too adorable. happy New Year to you!