Saturday, January 30, 2010

A few of my latest projects....

Wll I didn't make any of the design teams I tried out for in January :(  so I can post these projects now. My sweet husband says they look like they should be in magazines and they are crazy not to pick me. I think he is just blinded by how cute Frances is, LOL. He is sweet to say that though. Anyway here they are....

This is my new favorite layout of Frances (and what a coincidence it is named favorite). She just loves Curious George. Whenever she sees a picture of him she squeals in delight. It is so cute when she tries to say George too. It comes out like "Ga-orge". Did I mention she's walking now too? Well now it's more like running.

And here is the cutie doing her best poses for the camera.

And an older pic of the two of us together.

Some cards and such...

Thanks for stopping by- Sarah


  1. those are all gorgeous projects :D

  2. Love your scrapbooking style!! These layouts are gorgeous, all of them!!!
    Off to browse through your blog some more!!
    And good luck at the Nook!!

  3. GORGEOUS projects i see !! Congrats on making Nikki's team :)!