Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My little monkey

A little background information about this story- I love monkeys. I think they are adorable. Put a monkey in a diaper and it is even more adorable. Put a monkey in a onsie and it is off the cuteness scale. I just want to pick it up and hold it and squeeze it (and hopefully not get hepatitis in the process).

So when Frances was born she had hair all over her body. I mean lots of hair. On her back, arms, legs, head, everywhere. I thought- I did it. I gave birth to a monkey. It must be because I love monkeys so much. Everyone thought it was very fitting that Frances looked like a monkey because of my fascination with them.

Well today I was looking through some books on my bookcase and looked at a book called "The Nature of Life", one of my old school books. I looked at the cover and thought the picture looked very familiar for some reason. I thought- "Hmmm, where have I seen this monkey before?" and then it hit me. Oh yeah I gave birth to her. Don't believe me? See for yourself-

Just a little resemblence right? I love this picture of her! She moves so much though every picture of her has the head cut off. I don't care in the scrapbook it goes!

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