Sunday, March 29, 2009

No more pictures!

So no snow came after all! There was just a sprinkling on the grass. I think the suburbs just North got about 4 inches though. So glad it wasn't us!

We took Frances to see the Easter Bunny today. She looked so small in his arms. It was so cute. She wouldn't smile at all though, she just sat there staring at me. It was pretty funny. She won't even remember it, but we have the picture to show her.

Every month I do a "photo shoot" of Frances. This basically consists of putting her on a blanket and just taking picture after picture of her. I love looking back at them seeing all the funny faces she makes. She is getting such a personality. I can tell when she is happy, mad, sleepy, hungry. So I am looking through her pictures deciding which ones I should use for her 3 month page when I saw this one-

Ok- I couldn't stop laughing. All I kept thinking of was one of those tabloid pictures with the celebrity giving the camera man the finger and in the magazine it is blurred out. How about the caption- "NO MORE PICTURES". I guess it is appropriate. I stalk her like paparazzi. Frances is such a diva already. She tells us when she wants something by letting out this huge shriek. I laugh even though I shouldn't. So cute.
Have a great Monday!

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